Monday, January 16, 2012

Tapis Volant to produce Random Voices // Tapis Volant va a producir Random Voices

Random Voices, the documentary project I started four years ago, has now the support of Tapis Volant, the new media division of Cinédoc Films, based in Annecy (France).  With this collaboration, the documentary becomes a cross-media project, which includes a film and an interactive web-documentary produced by Pierre Mortimore and Christian Lelong.

Random Voices connects people from different countries to establish a Collective Interview between all its characters.   Settled in Europe, finds different realities and perspectives spread all around the old continent, featuring a real portrait of real people who talk about personal issues, far cultures and global subjects. It has no intention of convincing the audience with any idea or vision, but to motivate their participation on giving their own opinions.

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