Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Man who started it all.

My Grandpa Lluís is the one who noticed I was curious about his VHS videocamera. He started to show me how it worked: how the camera started recording by clicking a big red button, how to zoom in and zoom out, and also how to change the tape, carefully, when it ended.
Firstly with him behind me, and then on my own, I started to record things. He knew how I loved it, and he loved to have every single familiar event recorded. I recognise sometimes I prefered to keep eating at dinners when he said 'Pau, you could take the camera and record', but then I just forgot about the food and I was trapped with the eye in the viewfinder.
It was a simbiotical relationship, and I think that connected us powerfully.
He started it all, and I'm very greatful.

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