Thursday, March 21, 2013

The rise of tourism video marketing

According to Google: 68% of business travelers watch travel-related videos, up from 56% two years ago.

Video has become a great tool for tourism marketing, mainly for two reasons:

1. More and more, image prevails over text in Internet, and tourism marketing highly needs visuals to seduce.

2. The increasing quality of the current camcorders, combined with its fair cost, and having no need of hard equipment to produce astonishing images, allows tourism marketing to showcase locations as we have never seen before.

These two reasons make video an essential tool for tourism marketing. Nowadays, companies are not limited by TV slots anymore, so they can produce longer pieces featuring content of interest that immerse the customers.

Almost everything we do offline can now be done faster and cheaper online. For its price, Tourism firms has now the opportunity to create numerous videos and distribute them over different channels. YouTube is the most used site for travel videos, with 81% looking there for business travel and 79% for personal travel.
Video marketing is known to increase conversions. It's 30% better than any other promotional item without video.

Putting up a video with relevant keyword in a description is known to provide better SEO to your website. Videos posted in social networks lead to customer's interaction through comments, likes and shares, and they drive the audiences to the firm's website. Besides, videos hosted or embedded into the websites themselves, make audiences stay longer, which is perfect for positioning.

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