Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A video for Jordan Sights Travel and Tourism

Once the shooting for InterContinental is finished in Amman, I get in touch with someone indirectly related to the project, Mr. Adnan, who's the managing director of the agency that has driven us all around the city during these days.
We meet in InterContinental's lobby, and explains me he wants to do a commercial to show the team in the agency, in order to showcase it at the Jordan Sights' website. No need to add monuments or touristic attractions in the video, as that's what all the website is about; he wants to center on the workers and the vehicles they have for their services.
I've just got one day more in Amman, I'm leaving tomorrow, Friday, at 3h after midnight. We talk about that, this could be a hasty decision, not just because of the few time we got, but also because Friday is weekend in Jordan, so he has to convince his people to come and use a free day for work. He starts calling people, some of them are far from the city and can't be back, but others would definitely be there.
He tells me that, for him, investing on this commercial is investing on the future, as the Arab Spring is damaging the tourism all around the region, and Syria is in its boiling point.
We close the deal, we schedule the shooting, and I spend my last day in Amman filming the commercial for Jordan Sights!

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